Home delivery of medicines

Over 150,000* patients around Europe rely on Alcura for the delivery of complex medications for chronic conditions directly to their homes.

Our experienced patient management teams can ensure the safe transportation of complex and specialty medicines to your patient, which can save time and provide a better treatment experience.


Complete treatment packages

Today, many patients with complex conditions require more than just medicines.

That’s why we also deliver complete treatment packages, such as medical equipment, medical devices, wipes, sharp bins, infusion pumps, pre-packed monitored dosage systems (MDS), and fridges for medical storage.


Convenient, confidential delivery

Our patient management teams contact all patients discreetly by phone to arrange delivery times and locations to suit them. In the UK, patients can also collect some products from selected Boots pharmacies across the UK nearby their own homes or work places.


Quality and safety

Our processes are covered by detailed standard operating procedures. This includes maintaining a validated cold chain.


*Walgreens Boots Alliance statistics. Figures are approximations as at 31 March 2014.

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