Customized patient packaging

Customized medicines packaging plays a key role in improving patient adherence, especially for people with chronic conditions or complex treatment regimens.

At Alcura, we can support you to supply medicines to patients using innovative pre-prepared patient-specific packaging that helps improve compliance for patients. It can also simplify the medication management process for the pharmacy.


Unique healthcare packaging

After understanding the clinical needs of each individual patient, we develop the most appropriate healthcare packaging to suit them, which may include:

  • Pre-packed monitored dosage systems (MDS) in clearly labelled blister packs

  • Customized healthcare packaging on a strip (‘Baxtering’)

  • Automatic pill dispensers for pharmacy use

  • Reminder aids to alert patients about taking their medications

Our unique packaging options have proven to be a convenient, reliable resource for patients and pharmacy in several different countries. Once the treatment is finished the packaging is easy to dispose of.

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