Alcura, dedicated to patient care

Did you know that our name Alcura is derived from the Latin word ‘cura’ meaning care? This reflects our dedication to patient care.

Alcura provides innovative personalized solutions that improve patient care. We work closely with your healthcare professionals and the companies that make your medicines to ensure that you can get the best out of your prescribed medicines, and the best possible care at home.


International expertise

In partnership with healthcare professionals, organizations and companies, patients in seven European countries: the UK, France, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, Germany and Romania.

As a member of Walgreens Boots Alliance, the largest retail pharmacy, health and daily living destination across the U.S. and Europe. Walgreens Boots Alliance and the companies in which it has equity method investments together have a presence in more than 25* countries and employ more than 440,000* people:

  • a global leader in pharmacy-led, health and wellbeing retail with over 18,750* stores in 11* countries
  • one of the largest global pharmaceutical wholesale and distribution networks with over 390* distribution centers delivering to more than 230,000** pharmacies, doctors, health centers and hospitals each year in more than 20* countries
  • one of the world’s largest purchasers of prescription drugs and many other health and wellbeing products

* As of 31 August 2019, using publicly available information for AmerisourceBergen

**For 12 months ending 31 August 2019, using publicly available information for AmerisourceBergen


Services for Alcura patients

At Alcura, we are dedicated to patient care. We focus on making life easier for you by helping to manage and maintain your health at home. We work in partnership with each of our patient’s clinical team to deliver this care.


Personalized nursing support

We aim to keep our services simple for you at a time when your life may be very challenging. Our experienced patient support teams can work with your healthcare professionals to understand your personal medical needs, and help optimize your quality of life.


Clear patient education

Depending on the services requested by your doctor, our trained nurses can prepare your medications and administer them to you at home for easy, reliable care. If you need to self-medicate, our nurses can also show you how to safely administer them according to your treatment regimen.

Understanding your own conditions and treatments is a key step in optimizing your healthcare. So our nurses can clearly explain these facts to our patients in more detail, and provide educational materials related to their prescribed medicines.


Convenient homecare advice

As one of our patients, you can also contact our patient management centers in your country to get expert advice on your Alcura services.

Alcura’s wide range of patient services includes:


Patients Services Infographic

Our services help you get the best possible treatment, find out how we help you manage and maintain your health at home.