Specialized Medicines and Equipment at Home Specialized Medicines and Equipment at Home

Alcura’s personalized homecare services are delivered to our patients by trained nurses or highly trained technicians. Their expertise allows you to receive prescription deliveries and nurse-supervised administration of medicines on time, in the comfort and convenience of your own home. These nurses will also prepare special doses or formulations of medicines, as prescribed by your clinical team.

Supporting You to Achieve Optimum Health Outcomes Supporting You to Achieve Optimum Health Outcomes

Taking your medicine regularly, known as ‘adherence’, has been shown to improve the benefits you get from the treatments prescribed for you. But we know it can be challenging for patients to stick to a regular treatment schedule, especially if you’ve got complex healthcare conditions or if you’re finding it difficult to deal with certain types of treatment methods.

Clinical Trials Information Clinical Trials Information

Alcura works with a number of large pharmaceutical companies across various European countries that are actively investigating new medicines in a wide range of therapy areas.

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Faridas's story

See how our flexible approach enabled us to provide clinical homecare tailored to Faridas's needs outside the hospital environment.

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Our services help you get the best possible treatment, find out how we help you manage and maintain your health at home.