Comparator product sourcing

Comparator product sourcing

Accessing reliable comparator products is an important factor in the success of any clinical trials.

As a trusted comparator sourcing specialist, Alcura delivers the right products to customer sites at the right time.

Reducing comparator sourcing costs

A core benefit of the company’s international strength is our group buying power. We can source and purchase comparator products at a competitive price in European markets, as well as in Africa, Asia and the US.

This can generate valuable cost savings and help accelerate the product delivery to your medical research sites.

Supporting short and long-term clinical trials

By communicating directly with the manufacturer, we can carefully evaluate the comparator source and can specify that products are supplied from the same batch, with an equivalent shelf life. Alcura’s comparator sourcing teams can therefore support short and long-term clinical trials.

We can also arrange the secure transport of comparator products that need specialized supervision, such as validated cold chain supplies, cryogenics, sensitive or hazardous materials, or that require complex distribution.

Clinical Trial Supply Europe 2017

Meet the Alcura team in Barcelona on 15 and 16 March, 2017, for the 17th Clinical Trial Supply Europe conference

Clinical Trial Supply Europe 2017


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