Alcura, dedicated to patient care

Alcura partners with healthcare companies, professionals and organizations to provide innovative personalized solutions that improve patient care and treatment experience.

Whether you are a pharmaceutical company, a biotechnology company, a Contract Research Organization or a Contract Manufacturing Organization, we can offer a wide range of research and development, brand development and market access solutions.

A centralized point of contact to add value to your brand

Our centralized model enables us to adapt to your requirements, from the provision of a single service in a single country to the provision of multiple services on an international scale.

Services for healthcare companies

Alcura brings solutions that help all those who are involved in developing and delivering innovative medicines, from ensuring that initial clinical trials run smoothly and effectively, through to supporting market access and adding value for patients in ways that enhance the outcomes of your medicines and which drive your corporate goals.

Added-value services for healthcare companies include:


Contact us for any questions regarding our services. For patient enquiries please contact your local patient services team