Clinical trial services and solutions

Clinical trial services and solutions

Alcura can offer you and your organization a wealth of efficient clinical trial support services that you can count on at each stage of your clinical trial journey.

Why choose Alcura for your clinical trial support solutions?

Alcura  supports  over  500*  clinical  trials  each  year.  We  ensure  adherence  to  European quality  standards  and  are  compliant  with  the  Good  Clinical  Practice  (GCP)  international guidelines.

We own Good Distribution Practice (GDP) and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certified warehouses in several EU countries, many of which have controlled substance management authorization.

We are also  able  to  call  on  over  40  years  combined  experience  in patient  care and  offer a range  of  dedicated patient  support  solutions.  You  can  be  assured  that  we  will  provide  a bespoke,  personalized  service  that  has  led  to  healthcare  professionals  trusting  us  to understand and meet their patients’ needs.

A full suite of clinical trial support

Alcura’s  integrated  clinical  support  services  enable  our  clinical  trial  support  experts  to prepare,  analyze  and  distribute  medicines  being  used  in phase  I  and  II  clinical  trials.  For larger  phase  III  trials,  our  access  to  a  wide  network  of independent  pharmacies  can  help improve local patient recruitment.

Our  extensive  clinical  trial  support  and  solutions  allow  you  to  choose  specific  services  as needed, or to seamlessly link all services together from one centralized provider.

Please see below for a breakdown of our entire range of clinical trial solution services:

if you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your requirements in more detail.

* Figures are approximations at 31 March 2014.

Clinical Trial Solutions Video

Discover how research teams, pharmaceutical companies or CROs can manage their research on a central, regional or local level thanks to our extensive and flexible clinical trial support programmes


Contact us for any questions regarding our services. For patient enquiries please contact your local patient services team