Specialized Medicines Homecare Services

Delivering medicines and equipment

Alcura’s personalized clinical homecare services are delivered to our patients by trained nurses or highly trained technicians. Their expertise allows you to receive prescription deliveries and nurse-supervised administration of medicines on time, in the comfort and convenience of your own home. These nurses will also prepare special doses or formulations of medicines, as prescribed by your clinical team.

Delivering medical devices

In certain European markets, we can supply and deliver specialist medical equipment and medical devices to patient homes. Our technicians also set up clinical equipment to make it easier for individuals to access and administer their own medications at home.

Providing proper training

If you need to self-medicate, our nurses can provide one-to-one training to ensure you know how to safely administer your own infusions or injections. All Alcura patients are shown how to correctly store and save their drugs for correct disposal. Alcura offers an extensive range of patient homecare services, which include:


Our services help you get the best possible treatment, find out how we help you manage and maintain your health at home.