Medical & Healthcare Packaging Services, Alcura Health

Medical & Healthcare Packaging Services, Alcura Health

Whether you need medical packaging for European, Asian or African study locations, we can develop tailored solutions for your diverse needs. Alcura has extensive experience in producing customized packs at each stage of the clinical research and development process, which can help generate overall cost savings.

Licensed facilities

Alcura ensures adherence to European quality standards. Our state of the art facilities have all appropriate licenses for the production of primary and secondary packaging and the labeling of clinical trial materials.

Complete study kits

We can produce healthcare packaging for Phase I to Phase IV studies. Our skilled packaging teams work closely with clinical research groups to design complete kits for blinded medical studies.

These kits include a wide range of clinical trial consumables, such as medicated swabs, pre-filled syringes, dosage packs, labeled cartons and patient information leaflets.

We can distribute these medical packages to health care centers, hospitals or other clinical research sites in various European locations to match your requirements.


Contact us for any questions regarding our services. For patient enquiries please contact your local patient services team