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Patient training

Patient training and education are an important part of our complete homecare services. Our trained nurses can educate your patients during the first few weeks of any new prescription medicines to help optimize short and long-term care.

Self-administration of medications

During the first month, our nurses typically teach patients how to self-administer subcutaneous injections and/or home infusions.

Following this early training, our nurses can then assess each patient’s self-injection technique, and call them each month to check their treatment compliance. As part of this training, they can help patients understand the effects of their prescribed medicines, including any adverse effects to be aware of.

Patient counseling and education

In addition, all patients receive information packs produced by Alcura, such as videos or literature, to help improve their confidence in self-administration. Pharmaceutical companies will also provide starter packs and patient information material.

Carol and Pam's story

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 Carol and Pam's story


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