Home Administration of Drugs

Homecare Services: Infusions & Medication Administration. Alcura Health

In certain countries Alcura can provide infusions and injections, if and as requested by your clinical team.

Infusions are normally given gradually through a blood vessel (intravenously). Injections are delivered in a single go as and when needed. The route of injection will depend on the nature of the product.

Broad infusion and injection therapies

All products are prepared to the specific instructions of the hospital specialists who are overseeing your care. We can provide a wide range of injectable products to treat patients of all ages across a broad spectrum of conditions. These medicines include antibiotic infusions, chemotherapy products, immunoglobulins and home nutrition support (parenteral nutrition, enteral nutrition).

High-quality clinical care

If requested by your doctor, we can provide you with trained nurses who will visit your home to carefully set up, monitor and administer your infusions at your home exactly as your doctor orders. This will be done with the same high levels of clinical care you would get at a hospital. Our main concerns are your safety, convenience and comfort.

One-to-one training

If you need to administer your own medications, then our trained nurses will give you one-to-one patient training. This involves teaching you how to infuse your specific medicines through the use of safe, correct, clinical techniques.


Our services help you get the best possible treatment, find out how we help you manage and maintain your health at home.