Clinical Homecare medical equipment

Clinical Homecare medical equipment

In certain European countries, such as France, Alcura also can provide patients with a range of medical equipment to maintain their health in the comfort of their own homes. This equipment includes independent living aids, hospital beds, oxygen therapy, medical devices and infusion pumps.

Picking the right product

If you need to use medical equipment at home, our experienced patient support teams will work with your doctor or pharmacist to select the correct tools to suit your situation. Before setting up the clinical equipment, our skilled technicians will conduct an assessment of your home to check that it will fit your environment and our clinical homecare services.

Encouraging independent living

Trained nurses can also provide you with full training and patient information resources on how to properly use your medical equipment. If you have a chronic (long-term) condition, the use of these convenient clinical devices at home can help to improve your quality of life and your independence


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